Can I really do a blog look back on the year 2013 when I only started in in June. I was a blogger before I started ‘Paddy’, but not a very good one. Well I’m not a good one now, but at least the updates are regular. Back in June it occurred to me that all the interesting things I do start life out as things I do for fun, my work blog is so dull and difficult to write for. This led to me creating this blog under my rabbits name and tried to keep it separate from work. This didn’t last long as the things I was writing about for fun spilled over to my work life and the cover was blown, Still I felt the feedback I was getting was really positive so I decided to keep Paddy going, make it more obvious who the blog belonged to but continue to just write about things that interested me while keeping the spell check button underused.

In that time I’ve realised that blogs are a great way to keep track of all the things that you do that and to make interesting contacts. It’s funny how threads that seem unrelated somehow merge together, much of the time it’s people who comment or send me messages that join the dots. Looking back through old posts is a great way to remind yourself of what was important to you and why.  So this is my yearly roundup of my favorite posts, I say yearly but I’m starting in June when the blog was born, there are posts dated before that, but these were imported from a previous blog.

June: Exploring Telenovela with DBpedia, R and Gephi. While there wasn’t really anything new or exciting from a technical standpoint in this post, I was just excited to discover Telenovela, which is the best kind of Television Soap.

July: Comparing words in Eastenders and Coronation Street Spoilers: Because Londoners always ‘Want’ stuff apparently.

August: The IEC Summer project I started to think about recursive Topic Moddeling. I’m not sure how well it worked.

September: Personal Corpus/Researcher API

October: Setting up Unity and the Oculus Rift. I do a lot of posts showing little virtual worlds based created using web based technologies and I value that over being able to do stuff in Unity; but this post got me some interesting feedback from from people who are interested in using the Rift. I value making the contacts through his post.

November: Making KFC at home. Because that stuff is tasty.

December: Contagion Review A fun little game I picked up for £2.99. Easily my most visited page.


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