Unity3D Oculus Rift Plugin setup

It is very easy to setup the Oculus Rift Unity 3D Plugin. I’ve done it on my Mac and recorded the process of putting it into a game. It’s very easy to do and I just used the resource sharing centre to borrow assets from other people. All in all this takes under 5 minutes. It might even be worth doing if you haven’t got your Rift yet so you can see what it’s like. You do need a pro Unity account for it to work. You can get a free trial for a month (3 months if you buy the Rift). I’ve do some work with getting it to work with html5 for people like me who are cheapskates, but it is not as easy to build complex games in Javascript as it is with Unity. You can see examples of the html5 stuff on my youtube channel but I have not really done a tutorial yet.

Here is the video for Unity setup:

Step by step instructions:

1) Download Unity 3D PRO trial

2) Sign up for a Oculus dev account and get the Unity Plugin

3) Create your own scene or load a scene from the asset store

4) Install correct Unity package

5) Drag, drop and play!



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  1. Hi David. Thank you very much for this video. I am having an issue though, as soon as I press play I get the split screen but I can’t see anything. It just comes up with two shades of green with some kind of calibrating message in the middle… Any ideas?

      1. Quick reply! Amazing :). No…I’m on a Mac. But I have windows 8 on bootcamp and on parallels. Better I use it on Windows?

        1. I’ve not seen this problem before. On the Rift forums people are saying they have a problem with this in Windows if they don’t have that package installed. I’ve never seen this on a Mac before. I’m sorry I don’t know. It would be useful to find out if it works on Windows 8, but I don’t the the answer to the problem on your Mac yet. I’ll have a look for you

          1. That’s fine. Thanks for the support so far! I’ll keep testing on my side and I’ll post back as soon as I’m getting results.

  2. Thanks for great tutorial.
    David I have a free edition of unity, and tried to run OVR but always all screen become dark and said NO HMD(oculus VR).

    so with free edition we can’t split the screen ???
    my main objective is split the screen.


    1. Hi mate, don’t know if you’re still after an answer to this but currently no, the oculus Rift packages are not supported by unity free. I believe it’s because the distortion filters for each eye are made using Render Textures, a pro-only feature (feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken anyone).

      The NO HMD error usually means that the Oculus isn’t connected/properly installed (I get it when trying to run my projects with oculus disconnected). I don’t know whether the Unity-Oculus communication is able to be engaged at all on the free version of unity, or whether it should be able to detect and use the oculus for control even if the stereo rendering isn’t supported.

  3. Hi! I´m Luciano from Brazil! I can use this plugin to deploy an APK to my mobile phone android. I´d like to use with Google CardBoard.


  4. Hello, i know this post is a year old but I keep getting a “Sensor not Detected” error when i run my exe. It displays and moves fine but I can’t look around.

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