My favorite type of video games are online cooperative ones, I think I’ve always preferred them to competitive counterparts because while they are social and let you play with other people, they do not featuring an 11 year old who has clocked up 500 hours laughing at you because your job doesn’t let you get more practice in than him (can you tell I’m bitter?) . Historically I’ve played games like Guild Wars, Left 4 Dead, on PC but don’t have access to them anymore.

A problem I’ve been having as of late is that I don’t play games as much as I used to and don’t have access to the same hardware. Games like Guild Wars require time a free schedule to allow you to log in and meet players at an arranged time and also require me to have access to a PC. Recently I’ve only had access to consoles which limits my choice of games. Plus, I can’t play games that are ‘pay to win’ or have frequent DLC demands to continue playing, as fun as Destiny is, I play coop games that infrequently I only don’t get to play much before  anew DLC pack is out. Also I resent paying for boosts in games like Battlefield because I don’t play enough to warrant the charge (yet also don’t play enough to unlock all the perks manually).

So this is a list of coop games that I enjoy that A) Play on my console B) Don’t make me feel ripped off through micro transactions. I’ve also added some recommendations I’ve been given:

Zombie Army Trilogy

Not quite sure why these lot are using sub machine guns. Thought it was supposed to be about snipers. Image via rock paper shotgun.

Zombie Army Trilogy inspirited me to write this post. It’s meta critic page has some negative reviews dragging the score down because of it’s repetition. I guess this might be true for the hardcore fan who sits down to play for 8 hours straight, but for a casual like me it’s no problem. In fact, a common complaint is that each segment is about 45-60 mins and they are all quite similar, 45-60 minute sessions are perfect for me, and the simple repeated mechanics and loose storyline mean that I can put the game down for a few weeks and pick it back up now problem. It is easy to pick up and play and features drop in/drop out coop.

DLC: Trilogy is a kind of a collection of spin off DLC’s in it’s own right. It is a collection featuring of two old games spun off from the Sniper Elite series and one new one, there is no DLC as of yet and I can’t find any plans to have any.

Microtransactions: No microtransactions


Hell Drivers

The big mech thing is fun, the fact you can’t turn off friendly fire makes it even more of a laugh…. (Image via: Eurogamer)

Hell Divers is 4 player coop top down blast’em up. You and a few buddies fight waves of enemies while trying to do little tasks on different planets (defend an area, fetch quests, blow stuff up). I was really impressed with the game pick up and play and drop in / drop out features that I wrote a review earlier in the year. It is cross platform with Vita, which means casuals like me who don’t always have access to a TV can still play. I was so impressed with hell divers at launch that I’ve already written a review. The loose storyline, while frustraiting for the hardcore players means that you can leave it for a few weeks and come back no problem.

DLC: yes, as far as I can make out DLC/expansion packs are free to those who purchased the game (but justify keeping the price of the game up for new purchases). I expect some new DLC will cost.

Microtransactions: Yes, lots! You can buy weapons other plays don’t have access too. To me, It doesn’t feel to frustraiting in a coop game, I haven’t played it enough to get to the hardest missions where you might notice a difference if you haven’t purchased more powerful weapons. Comments on this would be useful!

Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet is one of Sony’s flagship games, and if you don’t have it by now it might be worth waiting to see if it is one of the December PS Plus titles. It is a platform game with drop in/drop out and has a great and it’s party system is great. Those who have played LBP3 a bit more than I have warn that the online can get laggy and frustraiting, although I have yet to experience those problems. Game can get a bit hetic if you play with more hardcore players. Easy to forget button configuration for us super casuals.

DLC: all DLC is cosmetic, yay!

I’ve just heard magika 2 is ‘free’ in November with PS Plus. With any luck this will turn in to a top 4.



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