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Category: Video

Storing comments from a Facebook post for analysis

I’ve had a lot of feedback from my post detailing how to use Facepager to explore comments on facebook pages. While Facepager is a neat little tool I get a lot of feedback saying that users have difficulty setting it up. Since the Github repository of the tool itself doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while, I’m not sure how much time is worth investing in getting it to work for the long term usage. Many of the requests I get are simply asking for advice on how to download comments from one post. It is actually very simple to do using the Facebook Graph API explorer and there isn’t much need for Facepager to do it. Here is my recipe: Facebook Graph API Explorer The first thing to do is head over to the Facebook API Graph explorer, you will need to sign in to Facebook so…

Contagion Game (beta) Review

During a steam sale I like to browse the indie games. I quite like indie games because they often take a creative risk that the big AAA games don’t. The problem is that without the backing of a major developer they need to get their start-up money from somewhere. In the past I’ve coughed up money for games such as Natural Selection 2 years before the game was even out! So during a steam sale I like to look at the up and coming indie games and buy a couple. For a couple of quid I don’t mind trying a game out, if the game fails to deliver then I’ve lost nothing. This steam sale I stumbled across a game in beta called Contagion. The idea is pretty simple; to make a coop game based around the old stumbling style of zombies based around basic puzzles instead of the fast…

Screen Recording with Android KitKat

Depending on your hardware/Android version screen recording on Android could be absolute pain. Google have tried to fix the problem by putting native screen recording in to the latest release of android, and actually it’s pretty good. If you own a Nexus 4/7 you should be getting your rollout soon and it really is worth a look. For this you will need a) A Kitkat android phone (4.4?) and b) The android sdk from here . I’ve created a little video of me going through the process: For those who get the gist and are to lazy to watch a 5 minute video here are the main points: Download the SDK Go to phone turn on MTP, and debugging (may have to press build number 7 times) Use CMD to navigate to android folder/sdk/platform-tools Command: adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/demo.mp4 to record Command: adb pull /sdcard/demo.mp4 to pull Easy!

Blocking Bitstrips

If you haven’t seen Bitstrips then good, I won’t force them upon you. It’s right up there with Buzzfeed in terms of high quality entertainment. But if you have a group of friends bombarding you with them then you will be glad that Facebook makes it quite easy to block apps. The option is in Account Settings->Block Apps. Here is a quick 30 second how-to video:

Oculus Rift on the Web, Attempt 2: Nyan Cat

I am really surprised at how easy it is to create content on the web that is Oculus Rift compatible. I’ve been using a small software program called Oculus Bridge to get tracking information to the browser (via websockets) and a WebGL library called three.js to make 3D worlds. While playing with three.js  I came across a a library of three.js extensions which are apparently very easily to incorporate in to your existing projects. One of these extensions was a Nyan Cat; so to demonstrate to a student how ‘pick up and play’ the Oculus Rift really is I set out to create a 3d  Nyan cat world with them. It took us about 30 mins, most of the time spent getting our heads around how three.js likes to do things. I’m planning to create a 3D universe of flying cats for the Rift before I post it up for people to…

Unity3D Oculus Rift Plugin setup

It is very easy to setup the Oculus Rift Unity 3D Plugin. I’ve done it on my Mac and recorded the process of putting it into a game. It’s very easy to do and I just used the resource sharing centre to borrow assets from other people. All in all this takes under 5 minutes. It might even be worth doing if you haven’t got your Rift yet so you can see what it’s like. You do need a pro Unity account for it to work. You can get a free trial for a month (3 months if you buy the Rift). I’ve do some work with getting it to work with html5 for people like me who are cheapskates, but it is not as easy to build complex games in Javascript as it is with Unity. You can see examples of the html5 stuff on my youtube channel but…

Setting up Torque 3D for Oculus Rift

I haven’t had time to try Torque 3D with the Oculus Rift, but it seems a very quick, easy and free way to start developing for my Oculus Rift.You’ll need: Torque 3D : Torque 3d Rift Template: Oculus VR SDK which you should get from logging in to your developer account. The jist is this. The rift template goes inside the template folder in Torque. When you create a new project you need to select this template and add the Oculus SDK as a module. You’ll also need to change teh movement type so it supports the rift.  Wpparently that’s all, it seemed to work for me. I made a video of the setup : But basically I just followed this tutorial. After following that there is a good how to series here.

How to delete (not deactivate) a facebook account

The chances are facebook will keep your data whatever you decide to do. But they do a funky trick of hiding the delete button and trying to convince you to ‘deactivate’ instead. To Delete an account: 1) Sign in 2)Head to http://www.facebook.con/help/delete_account 3)Press delete my account and fill in the form Still stuck? Follow the quick guide:

Visualising Linked Data

I did a short video showing how I create a visual Graph from dbpedia data. In this video I use SPARQL to query a triple-store endpoint, then I take the results, spruce them up in Google Refine and explore the graph in Gephi. I’ve explored the relationship between members of punk rock bands, but the principle can be applied to any similar dataset.