I am really surprised at how easy it is to create content on the web that is Oculus Rift compatible. I’ve been using a small software program called Oculus Bridge to get tracking information to the browser (via websockets) and a WebGL library called three.js to make 3D worlds. While playing with three.js  I came across a a library of three.js extensions which are apparently very easily to incorporate in to your existing projects.

One of these extensions was a Nyan Cat; so to demonstrate to a student how ‘pick up and play’ the Oculus Rift really is I set out to create a 3d  Nyan cat world with them. It took us about 30 mins, most of the time spent getting our heads around how three.js likes to do things. I’m planning to create a 3D universe of flying cats for the Rift before I post it up for people to play with themselves, but since I don’t have time at the moment to finish things off  here is a video of me playing with how far I got:




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