Everyone loves the taste of fast food, I’m sure we’d all eat KFC or McDonalds every day if it a) it wasn’t so expensive b) Colonel Sanders wasn’t so damn creepy and c) we weren’t so scared of PETA propaganda. Well fear not, I’ve put the man-hours in trawling youtube and finding the tastiest KFC recipes to solve problems a) and b).

KFC Chicken

The best KFC Chicken recipe I’ve found is quite a simple one. The dudes in the video do a good job of recreating that KFC tasty skin and show you the methods you’ll need to follow to get the same texture and taste. The guy in greens hat really annoys me though.

KFC Gravy

If your want a side then you want gravy. This is the best gravy I could find was by Todd’s Kitchen:

I like Todd, not only do I think large chefs are the most trustworthy chefs but the guys videos are always fun to watch and the intro song is pretty neat.

KFC Coleslaw

Only fools get KFC coleslaw over gravy, but I know some of you buy both! This is the tastiest KFC coleslaw on youtube. The guys pretty clear and it’s very easy to make

McDonalds French Fries

Nobody goes to KFC for french fries, in fact I heard the reason the fries from KFC are so bad is because the colonel’s wife had an affair with a large portion. Try McDonalds style instead:

The guy in this video is really aggressive but the theme tune is catchy and makes up for the sleepless nights the video will give you.

Cook like a pro:

Finally you may be interested in cooking EXACTLY like they do in KFC. Follow this new employees video from the 80’s:

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locoval · November 9, 2015 at 7:01 am

i love kfc fried chicken ..thanks for sharing this important thing

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