What happens when you leave a minecraft server open for 4 days

Wanna see what happened to my server? It took 4 days to for it to became a Nazi Fort : (

I kept out of the world and decided to let players do whatever they wanted to my world. This server was put up early in the life of Minecraft before survival mode was the juggernaut that it is today, so I’m pretty sure that this is on creative mode. On day 1 you can see lots of houses going up and a pretty cool picture of Mario in the middle. I enjoyed day 2 because people decided to bridge the areas together and started to make towns. Day 3 the high rises went up and people started to make an underground city.

Day 4 the whole thing was covered with a Nazi fort  called MeinKraft 🙁



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  1. That could be used in my university history project under name “The society will always come to totalitarian state”

  2. As I went from 1 to 2 to 3 I thought “wow that must have been amazing to witness evolve” – then day 4 came and the inevitable Nazi symbols pop up! How did you take the photos of the Minecraft map like that? Is it a mod?

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