This website is a year old today, wow! I’ve never kept anything going that long before, I’m impressed with myself. Although saying that, while this installation is only a year old some of the content on here is older since as at some point I decided I should import some of my old content from my many failed old blogs so that when I looked back at all my past work I could work out what the questions were that I was asking myself. I wanted to work out just what was driving me at certain points in time. The interesting thing about looking back at a blog when you are the author is that you know the things that were on your mind that you didn’t post about. In my case there are lots of things that I was actually making content about that I don’t want to claim. I have plenty of anonymous blogs out there that are going to stay that way. I wonder why I feel like that about them? Many of them feature lots of media I’ve created.

This blog was actually one of these, originally intended as a place for me to practice writing it quickly snowballed in to a place where I felt I could just have fun. The last few months I’ve been following what the creative teenagers are doing on sites like Tumbr, I’m seriously amazed at how they have been explaining concepts to each other using low-fi throwaway media. Pretty much all my current affairs news comes from Poland Balls.

I’ve found that I’ve been copying their techniques to create shitty low-fi media myself, its really fun and I can see the appeal. The more I play the more ideas I have about joining the dots up from these throwaway media creations to the things I know about, things like automating the content with big data and a bit of code, teaching some concepts or sharing knowledge through little and the such. I’m not quite there yet and my ideas aren’t fleshed out, but the whole point of what these kids are doing is that the stuff is ‘throwaway’, they don’t mind how finished your stuff is, just throw stuff out there to let them remix and have fun with. As I’m joining in there is a temptation to hide my stuff, I can see new blogs popping up already. This is bad. This site is supposed to champion the fun things I do to amuse myself, I must let my ego go!

So in the spirit of this I’ve replaced my ‘semi-work trying to be formal’  Twitter widget with a recent Youtube videos stream. The professional feel of my site, if there ever was any, is now completely gone. I’ll see how long this last before I panic and revert.


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