As we all know, a world wide revolution started in 2015 and marked the transition of most of the world’s governments from a ‘citizens participate equally‘ style (which we of course now know they did not participate equally and served as ample material for Charlie Chaplin the II’s film ‘The piss poor dictators”) such as to a similar style that we know today. Within just five years these fragmented governments would then merge to create a unified Earth government (Obviously with the exception of North Korea, whom by which stage had completed work on their nuclear powered mind uploading technology and whose population had already been living a peaceful existence in the virtual world of Animal Crossing for almost 2 years)

I shall not explain the ins and outs of the Unified Earth Government as the principles are so simple that UEG 101 is taken in Primary School, however historians still argue over what exactly took us so long to fix the fundamental flaws in our governance systems as the technology to do so had existed ever since the 1970s.

A recent theory put forward is that up until 2014 society world wide was just to distracted. The distraction itself is unknown, but as we know, the revolution started in what was then known as the United Kingdom and recent documents have been discovered in this area. The documents known as Virgin ISP Bills discuss changes to what information is allowed to be consumed in the house hold. Interestingly, documents which discuss house holds opting out of these changes were often coupled with documents that we are still unable to decrypt, these documents are dubbed my information scientists as ‘Divorce Papers’.

Interestingly the theory puts forward that a significant amount of thinking and productivity in males of the time has been attributed to users being allowed access to less information. Ironically, the block of information, put in place by the dictator of the time ‘David Cameron’ also lead to people having more time to do things; things such as rebel against the dictator, who was  got his public beheading in September 2014. Legend says this was watched by every male in the country.

While we are still not sure what the information block was about, the theory suggests that it lead to a golden age of thinking which was fuelled simple by people not being distracted. Males of the UK, equipped with new ideas for a better government and more time on their hands; started a uprising and set up the first government type that could be said resembles what we have today.




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