Installing Unity Remote

I found setting up the Unity remote is easy to do on Android, I expect that the iOS version is a similar easy process. The Unity Remote is found on the play store, there are a couple on there so make sure you get Unity Remote 4, it should be free and developed by Unity Technologies. The play store doesn’t have an approval process and while this is great for developing and deploying apps fast it does has a problem with fake apps, always be carefully when downloading on the play store!


Not Making Music

I’m taking a break from work – and also blogotron so I guess its a good time for a brain dump before I go. I’ve become quite interested in path finding (something that has intrigued me since Peter Lager wrote a program to prove that the hobbits took the long  route Read more…

Agent World

Although being up at night with a tummy bug is no fun, it does mean I seem to get things done.. maybe to keep my mind off things! Here is the latest in my agent world.. we now have agents that can be added and explore the little world they Read more…


I’ve become interested in attachment/imprinting/steering through my playing with unity. I’ll save writing about them for a future post.. but… One thing I have noticed is that by posting every little achievement I make in unity as a video on blogotron spurs me on to do more. I think that it helps with problems Read more…

Playing God with Cats

Played a little bit more with Unity. I’ve been getting into ‘steering’. Here is my attempt to create some cats that will randomly move around a room and not bump into walls. (but they are currently walking through each other… Another video to shame me into doing more: