I’m taking a break from work – and also blogotron so I guess its a good time for a brain dump before I go.

I’ve become quite interested in path finding (something that has intrigued me since Peter Lager wrote a program to prove that the hobbits took the long  route through middle earth 🙂)  since I was finding that my agents were walking into walls in my game focused agent based models.

So I booted up Unity and tried to build a game that uses the A* path algorithm to guide a monster through a hedge maze at night. Its actually quite difficult to make sure the monster goes the right way and I applaud all the work done by Aron Granberg on creating the library I used.

Mark has been thinking about creating an agent based model around Jungs idea of collective shadows, the persona and the soul image- something I tried in Repast (but got bored before I finished). Maybe I will use this demo as a base for that. Here is the demo if you are interested:

I think these little tech demos are a way of expressing myself (even if I am the only person who plays with them!). Before Blogotron came around I was given the advice that I should make small improvisation videos of something I enjoy doing to get me into the routine of documenting my journey, I don’t really think I got why until now. I’m starting to think about other ways I can use Unity and Agent based models as ways to improvise and play. I like the idea of using a game engine for such things.

I feel very tired and my brains packed and left.

EDIT: This has made me think I should play with petes pathfinding tools he wrote for processing.. too many cool things to try…


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