I have not written much in my blog recently, which is funny considering my aim after moving from my last institution was to ‘write something at least every day’. It doesn’t worry me because while I haven’t been writing here, I have been writing in a more formal approach on things that I hope will one day end up in my thesis. I’m not quite ready to share them yet – but that’s ok, I’ve been through this journey before, not feeling quite there and creating a blog for a rabbit to host the content. Still, it really does strike me as quite strange I haven’t put anything on here because since I left my old department a day hasn’t gone past where I haven’t thought to myself ‘wow that’s interesting, I really want to blog about that’.

I think the issue is that once you have removed yourself from a place, eventually your old patterns start to break down. Moving on can sometimes be a good thing, you stop checking the regular places for information simply because you work in a particular field and feel like you should. You start to look at different sources for inspiration: different news sources, technologies and artists. You move at such a pace you must remind yourself to stop, think and write on a public informal setting. In a way I’ve been on a voyage over the past few weeks reading and writing. I feel quite down about many things at the moment – most of those things related to job hunting, but there are still many ups being fueled by spending my energy in new head spaces. I think what I have in my mind and a little on paper is starting to look like a literature review and that feels good.

Still, the thing that brought me back to my blog was a desire to write about a something interesting that keeps cropping up in my literature review. I am interested in play and the design process. While doing a bit of reading and chatting to people about the design process I was put in the direction of a message board which described something interesting:

‘…[it] starts with conceptualizing all possible systems, regardless of whether they exist, and it is informed when some of them cannot be built or found in nature. ‘

I need to get in to this.

Then, I looked up the paper the message board author was referencing.


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