As regular readers may have noticed; I’m really struggling with this blog at present.  It isn’t a matter of traffic, more of finding what it is (or perhaps I am) about. I started Paddy with the intention of keeping my real identity secret so that I wouldn’t feel the fear of pressing the post button, but as it is now quite closely linked to most of my online presence I finder it harder to and hard to write; I guess it keeps coming back to what am I about, perhaps it is more

I’m sat here listening to the brilliant band “Fucked Up”. The album is a concept album called “David comes to life”.  Get this, it’s a concept Canadian hardcore punk rock album; a rock opera set some time in Thatcher’s England about a couple, David and Veronica falling in love on the factory floor. After a  rollercoaster ride of a story that ends with the death of Veronica in a bomb blast the protagonist is told not to trust the narrator, that the CD will loop again and he will get to relive his time with her. David returns to the factory floor and track 1 plays again. Sound like the most crazy brilliant thing right? Well it is.  It was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize, which it didn’t win, but then “Fucked Up” have won that prize before so perhaps they were giving other bands a chance.

I think “David comes to life” is a work of art.  Canadian hardcore punk is perhaps something you wouldn’t associate with art, but I think that there is something about taking the thing you can do and turning it to a story that makes it more special to me. The band members have found a way to express themselves using the tools and communication methods that they know. I don’t think this is something specific to the work of Fucked Up. I also think ..and out come the wolves and Ziggy Stardust are works of art.

I look at the communication tools I have to hand. I have tools to frame a conversation in many ways right at my fingertips. Why can’t I wield them like the musicians do? What do they know?

This is a single from the album, don’t bother listening it, go and check out the whole album/story.



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