Having just picked up a 2nd hand Kinect rather cheap I was poking around things I could do with it. I decided I came across some Javascript libraries and wanted to combine my Oculus Rift browser experiments with the Kinect. Unfortunately I seem to need the Windows only Kinect SDK to get started. It look’s like I may be able to use something based around dephJS but I’m not to sure how much I can do with it.

While I scratch my beard and look around the web for ways to go, I’d appreciate any advice for OS X users wanting to do stuff in the browser with Kinect.

Update: Looks like there is a stack of technologies I can use called OpenNI/NITE. I installed the whole stack including USB support with a plugin that is supposed to make it accessible to the browser. The plugin is called Zigfu, but I couldn’t get that to work. I could get the tracking to work however:



Now if there is a javascript library to recognise the tracking and pump into three.js  that would be great.


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