Interstellar Marines is an indie game currently in alpha available on steam. At the time of writing this you can get a copy for as little as $1 in an Indie Gala Bundle, saying that however, if you can afford a little more than $1 then remember the money goes to charity and your getting quite a few good games. Interstellar Marines is currently £12 on steam and giving it away for almost free has really upset some of the current players.

The game itself is in alpha so there isn’t really much to see and perhaps unfair to review; but for a game that is so early in its life what there is to see is very promising. The game itself seems to be built around multiplayer, at the time of writing multiplayer is the only game mode that is available and seems to be be setting the foundations for the upcoming single and coop modes. While the game engine seems to sport a solid FPS engine with most online games showing of a king of the hill style death match, it is the attention to little things that make the game stand out from the crowd. Perhaps unusual for an alpha game the maps are extraordinary well balanced and feature some really cool features. Lights in the map both flicker and move, sometimes they even go out for a short amount of  time (I couldn’t work out if there was a way for the player to make them go out), this combined with the fact that maps have a short day and night cycle means that the battleground becomes living and players really have to think about their position and if they use their flashlight or not. I also really like the rain effects on the maps, outside the rain will hit your visor making it hard to see and hard to capture buildings in king of the hill mode (as the players inside the building won’t be affected by rain).

The developers themselves seem to update regularly and post to the steam community. The videos and content explaining what is to come in future updates look really exciting. Looking forward to seeing how this one pans out!


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