Some notes on installing Cordova

1) Install a Windows Phone SDK on Windows 8.1, I installed it with Visual Studio 2013 Professional because it is free to students.  But you should be fine with the latest community ed

2)Download and install both git and node.js

3)Open a command prompt (Windows Key +” S CMD”) and install Cordova using the command

C:/ npm install -g cordova

4.) I created a directory on the root of my D directory to store all my cordova project, then created a project:

mkdir cordova
cd cordova
cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

5) changed in to project directory and added Windows 8 output, built and ran on device

cd hello
cordova platform add wp8
cordoba build
cordova run --device wp8

For some reason it worked, when I did the same with Android I had a nightmare with certificates which didn’t seem to be a problem Windows Phone 8, but on the other hand Windows Phone Store doesn’t allow self signed certificates. I guess it might be because I already registered the device for development.


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