1. Tom Harding Reply

    Try getting some Downtempo music on Spotify. That’s always great when i need to concentrate.

    Ch-check out my Spotify Playlist for some inspiration – http://open.spotify.com/user/thomasharding/playlist/4YTG86Zavr80wMGVVOs2av I’d say DJ Shadow’s a good addition as well – Endtroducing never fails to get my brain cogs moving.

    Failing that, retreat to the work bathroom for a swift tug.

    • David Sherlock Reply

      Haha, Spotify is good but I always end up spending time skipping songs and browsing albums.

      Ended up working at Bolton Library.

  2. Lorna Reply

    Heh, I know that feeling well! I write a lot, but sometimes it just. doesn’t. work. and my brain refuses to string words together. It’s horrible. Sometimes going for a walk helps, but it has to be a sufficiently long walk. Doing something mundane also works for me. I often find myself composing blog posts while washing dishes (why am I even admitting this?!) My other fail safe method for beating writers block is to stay up really late, then you can guarantee you’ll get lots of inspiration at about one in the morning, just when you should be thinking about going to bed. Of course you might not want to stay in the office till the wee small hours of the morning though 😉

    • David Sherlock Reply

      Thanks Lorna. The problem I had when I was writing this was that I had lots of forms to fill in and documentation to write but just felt really uninspired to do it. I was more annoying than the times I can’t think of any topics to write about because I roughly knew I had to write about, I just couldn’t get it from my head on to paper.

      Staying up late is interesting, I always get the best ideas late at night.

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