Those of you who use Reddit will know about Ask Me Anything (AMA). The premise is simple; somebody gives up an hour or so of their time to answer questions. The questions don’t have to be about anything particular but the host usually has something they want to promote, which is highlighted at the top of the page. Ask Me Anything’s can be big news, I’m talking U.S Presidential Election big, check out Barack Obama!

The demography of Reddit is slanted however and while this is all great if your are after the 25 year old, democrat voting, U.S male it’s but not so great if you are after the average UK Gas customer. Knowing this British Gas decided to do an Ask Me Anything on twitter using the hastag #AskBG. On this day they also had something to promote, a 9.2% gas and electricity price hike. Might have been a bad day to take to an AMA to an unknown audience. These are some of my favourite questions:

Felt some kind of irony when he joined the conversation:

The greatest bit of the story is this job vacancy that went up shortly after the Ask Me Anything: Fancy being a Social Media Senior Manager?


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