For a while I have been wondering about the best way of creating a how-to guide around getting data out of the JISC CETIS project directory and in particular around its linked data triple store. A few weeks ago Martin Hawksy posted some great examples of work he’s been doing, including maps using data generated by PROD, I think these examples are great and thought that they would be a good starting point for a how to guide.

Don’t be put off by scary terms as I think these things are relatively easy to do and I’ve left out as much technobabble as possible, The difficulty really lies with knowing both the location of various resources and some useful tricks. I’ve split the instructions into 3 steps.

  1. Getting data out PROD in a Google Spreadsheet
  2. Getting Institution, Long and Lat data out of PROD
  3. Mapping with Google maps.

The  steps currently live in a Google Doc while I update them. I’ve also created short screen casts of me following the instructions in case anybody get lost. Hopefully from here you have built up enough confidence to edit the queries for different results, the Google Spreadsheet Mapper to change the look and feel of your map or explore some the technologies behind the techniques.

You’ll want the Step By Step Guide and you can see Sheila’s example in her post here.

Obtain Data from PROD (via Talis store) to populate a google doc

Getting Prod Project Data w/ Long Lat Data into Google Spreadsheet

Mapping PROD Data with Google Maps


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