Demon’s Souls is currently my favorite game and although I have not progressed very far in the game I have poured many hours in to the first few zones. I have created many different characters setups, explored early dungeons extensively, studied enemy locations and pinpointed their weaknesses.

Typically I am the sort of player who quickly plays through a story never to touch the game again, so what makes Demon’s Souls different?

When you first play Demons Souls you might be put off by the crippling difficulty. The enemies are tough and although you will die frequently the game is fair and wants you to learn. Each battle will teach you new tricks, explore the dungeon so you find shortcuts and advantage points; an ingenious online mode lets you watch how fellow warriors have fallen. Slowly you will gain insight; the level will seem slightly easier each attempt.

The true genius of Demon’s Soul’s is the shift of experience from the player character to the actual player. Grinding in Demon’s Souls is all about growth in you rather then your digital representation. Don’t expect to be pressing X for 4 hours against rats here.

I could sing the praises of Demon’s Soul’s all day but instead I suggest you buy a copy and experience it for yourself. Unfortunately the game has yet to be released in Europe but it’s quite easy to pick up an US import copy.


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