1. Lorna Campbell Reply

    Personally I think that’s an insult to Beaker, who happens to be my favourite muppet.

    This post raises a lot of interesting and potentially thorny issues, but I need to think about it more before I can say anything half way sensible. Talk about conversational constraints! 😉

    • David Sherlock Reply

      It is very hard to talk about! I found this post very hard to write and I am still not very happy with it. It is like technology creates this narrow crossroad between things like humour, playfulness and things that actually effect our lives.

      I think perhaps kids understand it better; have you seen tumblr?

  2. dkernohan Reply

    I think there might be a link between this experience of a mediated one-to-many conversation, and ways of measuring the “student experience” as a mass rather than a personal experience. Good post!

  3. Jenson Phaedor Reply

    I think they are probably entertained by it in a similar way to how we are when we have to listen to their ‘Thundercock’ every Wednesday on PMQs.

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