I have to admit I haven’t played on the new generation of consoles much but recently I did get the chance to play on a Playstation 4. I had heard that the PS4 pad had a built in speaker but hadn’t really given it any thought, the Wii remote also had a speaker built in to it and I hadn’t ever really seen it be used for anything useful. The PS4 game I had was fortunate enough to play was the excellent Alien Isolation, it is a great game and really captures the atmosphere of the first Alien film, although it looks and feels very much like an 360/PS3 game and I was struggling to spot anything new and exciting being delivered by the PS4 experience.

I had in fact forgotten that I was playing the game on a PS4 until walking down a spooky corridor I heard a crackle from the controller I was holding. The sound was a crackling, like an ancient piece radio coming to life, within the crackling I could here familiar beeps that I recognised from the alien franchise, I was holding a motion tracker! The PS4 Pad also has a light emitting from it, as the motion tracker appeared on the TV screen the pad light changed to green to match its onscreen colour. It started to beep and vibrate in time with the beeps. While the information from the tracker was on the TV screen I felt it really added to the experience, especially since it is a game filled with suspense and the tracker in your hand makes it feel much more immediate. I think it is the only time I’ve ever seen a speaker on a pad do anything cool!

Some dude made his own physical version of the tracker. Got to love this:





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