The Evolution of Digital Distribution Systems in Gaming

Digital distribution is everywhere; applications such as iTunes provide the ability for digital products such as MP3s, movies and computer software to be delivered to audiences over the Internet instead of using physical media such as CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray. They provides easy and direct sales to a global market. With iTunes and the… Read More »

Halo 3: Pay to play (then pay some more)

Every year I pay £40 to microsoft for the privilage to play my Xbox Live games online. I dont mind paying the money too much considering live is far ahead of PSN (although I think sony are closing the gap) . When I spend £40 on a game that says I can play it on… Read More »

Widgets for Wookie: Getting Started

Update: Downloading and running Wookie has changed since this was written and some of the links seem broken. please check for latest instructions The Wookie server is open source software in development for delivering collaborative widgets that follows the w3c widget specification. Although it is early days for Wookie I desperately wanted to try… Read More »

Can you have my attention please?

Recently I have been writing a browser extension that keeps track of my activities and the web-based resources I use. I found that the data it collected was actually very valuable to me, it created a mini attention profile and by pushing this into various JavaScript libraries I was able to produce pretty graphs that… Read More »