I am currently involved in putting an online space together for a European project called LACE. Hopefully the space will be filled with great content written by partners on the project. I had thought that setting up the space would be an easy task, this thought had been based this on the lack of effort I put in to maintain my Paddytherabbit blog. Turns out planning a space for a single user is much easier than planning for an entire project. The hardest bit seems to be anticipating what content is going to end up on their and focusing the online space to be helpful in producing that kind of content.

One of the parts of our space is a tech focus blog. The idea (I think!) behind the blog is that partners can share examples of Learning Analytics that are a bit experimental. The content doesn’t exist yet and it’s very hard to think about what kind of processes are in place for a blog with no content, it’s also hard to try things out with layout and the such, because of this I made it my first task to write a short post for the blog, which I am currently half way through writing. This has lead to another problem, how do you write a kick off post for a blog with multiple authors? Will the tone of my post set the tone for the rest of the posts? How ‘heavy’ should my post be? If I post something hand-wavey will the partner’s laugh? On the other hand if I add references and go through the post with a comb will the partners curse me setting a such a bland tone. How should I come across? This is my identity on the line! Oh my goodness! worry!

Here I am writing the first blog post. Hopefully nobody will notice I’m a fraud.

I tried to look at my precious posts for inspiration; looking at my paddytherabbit I have lots of different posts and they get different responses. It isn’t a high traffic blog, but some posts do better than others; interestingly  the posts that get the most hits, don’t always get the most feedback or people reaching out contacting me. The ones that get the most hits tend to be “How to do X” but the ones where people reach out are low hit posts that are more along the lines of “This is how I honestly feel”. If creating a platform for communication is what we are after then maybe I shouldn’t try so hard.

Back to writing my post. Must stay cool.

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