I’ve always liked sci-fi that mixes new ideas with old technology, steam-punk and the such.  I had the idea of mixing some current elearning trends with 80s technology and having been playing with techniques to make new things look old, MOOCS on VHS and teletext and the such. I haven’t got very far at the moment but since I’m not going to get time to revisit this for a while I thought it would be best to dump some useful links here for the next time I get round to it.

Making videos look like it was taped on VHS

I wanted to create videos but be able to give them the effect that I’ve taken the video from a VHS tape. As a test for this I created a very basic informational for a MOOC in Powerpoint. Powerpoint does let you save  presentations as a movie, but for some reason the 2011 Mac version doesn’t include animations, so I ended up playing it in windowed mode and screen recording it in quicktime.

To give it the VHS look I used Adobe After Effects. I’m not good with Adobe tools so I had a look for examples of other peoples work, there was a really good After Effects project that was packaged with a tutorial YouTube video that basically allowed users to drag and drop their video in. The problem with this method is just getting access to After Effects. It took me about 5 minutes to make some slides, make a video and then add a VHS effect. I didn’t get around to adding any music:

Ceefax Look

I also wanted to create an Oculus Rift video where the user went to a Ceefax page to start the Rift. I haven’t got as far as getting this in to video, but again Powerpoint seems to be a valid way to do it. Some clever chap has created a Template and shared it on Slideshare for you to borrow:

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