Using Twitter to steal random conversations

During my experiments to compare different groups of users on Twitter, I decided it might be fun to borrow some of this code for my random storytelling project. The idea was simple, I’d steal random lines from Twitter, work out the most popular replies and then put them in my story as a conversation in my story. Since I was working with MP data anyway I decided to test this out on David Cameron’s Twitter account. Since my storytelling code is pretty rough at the moment I thought that I would test the idea out by just creating the conversations and then using some movie creator tool to get some actors to say them.

So, my script grabbed Camerons Tweets, I *tried* to work out the most popular replies or threads of conversation and then fed them to a movie creation tool called Plotagon. It didn’t work very well but I leave the video here anyway. I wonder how many terms and conditions I broke doing this.

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