Most educational institutions run a learning management system of some sort to ‘manage learning’. But to ‘manage learning’ means different things to different people and often an LMS just doesn’t offer that piece of functionality you really want. Fortunately there are many tools available to add additional functionality  to your LMS and you’ve found that really cool piece of software to plug into your course! Unfortunately however the tool needs a way of talking to your LMS and the developers haven’t coded it to talk your LMS’s ‘language’. But who can blame the poor tool developer? With so many different learning management systems available, can they really code it to work with them all?

This is where LTI comes in. It’s a spec written by IMS Global to create a standard way for tools to communicate with the LMS. So if your provider and tool both implement the spec then they should happily talk to each other.

So if your a user and you’ve found an LTI tool, whats the process?


Using LTI tools

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