“Through the prescience of the great oracle (then known as Prism), Donald Trump saw a threat to humanity. The dependency on algorithms would create a lack in exploration and growth of our souls, creating a stagnation that would eventually mean the end of the humanity. Trump decided that the way forward to surviving was to teach the humans new skills through bad example and came up with a strategy he called ‘El oro de la pared’.  While the Trump rule had many bad examples that taught the human race well, there are two main ones that saved humanity:

  1. The first stage of the plan was to refuse action on climate change. Trump set the stage for an age of suffering, which would become known as the ‘Gran Hambruna’. Without any action from the United States the world fell in to a mass climate change. A great famine on Earth led to the death of nearly 75% of Earths population.
  2. The second stage of Trump’s plan was the blending of Mexicans and U.S states. While the Mexican clan was too small to rule humanity, they had passion. The the U.S clan  lacked a desire to leave their algorithms behind and get their hands dirty. A great wall was constructed between the two.

With his head in his jar, the rule of Trump lasted 200 years. It was after his death, driven by the famine on Earth and the pent up desires to mix after 200 years apart, humanity explodes out into the universe in waves of migration known as the great movement. In space, The Golden Age of humanity began, not only had humanity survived the algorithms but it had a new passion from the blending of people. We met new friends in the stars and approached them with peace, the new peaceful ways that had spawned from many bad examples Trump had given us, we were indeed better people.

To those new friends – I hope I see you all on the other side.”

-Extract taken from the diary of Empress head in jar Caroline Lucas, the last known human text before the great ascent.

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