Are we too naive in education?

In my last post I had been thinking about technologies that online communities use and how the technology pushes people to communicate in a certain way. I pushed this out to my Google+ feed, perhaps because Google use plus metrics to an rank article but I would like to think more so because I have friends on there whose feedback I value. When my Google notification button told me I had a comment from Sheila MacNeill I was pleased, not solely because comments will get me some points in Google magic ranking algorithm but more importantly Sheila has a knack for reading through a wall of text, pulling out the important stuff and translating it in to concrete questions. This was Sheila’s comment after reading my post:


[slideshow][mlg] 46 Learning Analytics Gifs only EdTech People Will Understand

I’m sorry there are no gifs, I understand if you leave now but it will hurt my ‘time on page’ ratings. Please stay a while and pretend to be interested.

Writing what I truly think about a subject on a blog is a difficult process. The first hurdle is the title of the post, which will find itself in the title and heading tags on this page and consequently be used by Google to decide what this page is about and where it should appear in rankings. I get 75% of my traffic from Google so I better make sure I get some juicy up and coming keywords in the title. I also need to make people want to click my link on social media, and the $850 valuation of Buzzfeed tells me lists and reaction gifs is the way to go. After the title I have to think about images for pinterest, keywords for Google, hyperlinks for HITS style algorithms and how this will affect my chances of landing a new job…