Age of Strategy Android

On booting up Age of Strategy the first thing that you will notice is the sheer amount of content. From the menu you have access to lots of content, the core of which is a series of campaigns,… Read More

Installing Unity Remote

I found setting up the Unity remote is easy to do on Android, I expect that the iOS version is a similar easy process. The Unity Remote is found on the play store, there are a couple on… Read More

Notes on publishing PhoneGap / Cordova app to Google Play store

I’ve started making apps with Cordova / PhoneGap. My set up is somewhat unconventional as I am just creating the projects at the command line, writing the applications using web technologies and signing them myself. I am not… Read More

MySQL to sqlite

I’m currently writing bits of code to tell stories using a variety different data sources; one of my aims is to make the storytelling experience cross platform. My project started life as a web based thing and I… Read More

Create your own Oculus Rift

When I first heard about the Oculus Rift I was sure that Virtual Reality had finally made the mainstream. At $300 with affordable development options it was sure to take off.  I knew why the Oculus Rift was… Read More

Catchphrase for Android Review

If you grew up in the 90’s in the uk then the chances are you have fond love for two television programmes. CITV’s Knightmare and  Roy Walker‘s Catchphrase (I know about that Stephen Muhern show, I mean it’s good,… Read More