I’ve been trying to write scripts that can automagically create revision games for a while now. One of the problems I have is getting datasets of questions together. I’ve been sniffing around wikipedia/dbpedia as a way to populate revision game questions. Recently I’ve been interested in building ‘What is it games?’ where you are given a series of clues and then you try and play a hangman style game to guess what the thing is. Wikipedia seems a decent data source for this because you can get data about relationships between things very easily.

I’m still in the process of getting my unity game together, but I thought I’d get my spreadsheet ready early so I have something to play around with. Sticking with the wrestling theme I’m leaving my query here for later.


?person rdf:type <http://dbpedia.org/ontology/Wrestler> .
?person rdfs:label ?name .
?person dbp:birthPlace ?birthplace .
?person dbp:dateOfBirth ?dateofbirth .
?person dbp:debut ?debut .
?member dbpedia2:formerMembers ?person .
FILTER ( lang(?name) = 'en' ) .
?member rdfs:label ?membername .
FILTER ( lang(?membername) = 'en' )

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