PROD is a project directory-monitoring tool for JISC funded projects; and used within JISC CETIS to aid in programme support. I feel that although the tool holds a great deal of interesting information on projects it is sometimes hard to convey that information to people who do not use the tool on a daily basis. I have been wondering how it might be possible to help disseminate some of the information in PROD to a wider audience. I thought I would start by taking a programme that has a rich array of information in PROD such as Curriculum Design and see how it might be possible to make the information more interesting.

Wordl of Standards and Technologies used in Curriculum Design according to PROD

Wordl of Standards and Technologies used in Curriculum Design according to PROD

One of my experiments was to try and get PROD to generate something visual for users to click and explore. Below is one of my first attempts at getting PROD to generate a mind map for the programme entries in PROD. You should be able to click and drag around the map to get a richer picture of the programme and embed this Google gadget in your own web pages. I think the interface is a little hard to use so you may want to download the XML that can be imported into your own copy of freemind or view the mindmap in a separate window. I hope to tweak the map to include items such as hyper links out to relevant projects and information.

Finally I tried to use the graphviz set of visual rendering tools to show relationships between the different projects in the programme. I haven’t attempted to tidy these up or make much sense of these yet. You can click to get the larger version/

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