A follow up paper to CETIS Mooc white paper  “Moocs and Open Education” has been released by CETIS, The MOOC Paper on Sustainable online learning in institutions by Li Yuan, Stephen Powell and Bill Olivier. The paper revolves around three themes, opportunities and strategic choices that institutions may wish to consider that have come to light since the last paper.

While your best bet is to skim through the paper yourself, identified themes are openness, revenue models and service disaggregation. Opportunities are broken down in to technology options, pedagogic opportunities and learner choices.  Finally,  strategic choices are mission values, strategic directions, capability building and business model components.

There are lots of pretty pictures to use as link bait for you posts if you wish to comment on blog about it. My personal favourite is the learner choices diagram:

learner choices

Learner Choices diagram will look good on your powerpoint presentation. Source “Sustainable online learning

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