Pupils in the UK who fail to get a C at Maths GCSE are being told they have to re sit exams every year until they pass or reach 18, when they leave education but have to have ‘idiot’ branded on their forehead. El Presidente’s skills minister said the requirement to keep studying English and maths was not about re-sitting exams but about the importance of quadratic equations in life.

“For those who fail to get a C at GCSE, it’s a huge impairment to their future life. I mean what’s  more important for them than to be able to solve quadratic equations? I don’t see how those that fail can even feed themselves properly ”

He went on to say:

“We are concentrating on maths, rather than say, history because it’s much more important that we can do trigonometry than understand themes in history. I think I’m saying that I’d rather they turn into good citizens that can do transformations and vectors than bad ones that understand things history may teach them, such as how to spot the signs of terrible governance systems.”

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