I’ve been informed by Davide Taibi that the LAK dataset has been updated, this update includes some paper text that I reported on, but also has lots more data. As described by Davide:

This version includes papers from:
– EDM conferences (2008-2014)
– LAK conferences (2011-2014, 2014 only abstract since we are waiting for ACM agreement)
– Journal of Learning Analytics (2014)
– Journal of Educational Data Mining (2009 – 2014)
– Lak data challenge (2013-2014)
– Special Issue of JETS on Learning Analytics (2012)

In total we have 697 papers, 1214 distinct authors and 365 institutions represented in the Dataset.

Moreover, we have added interlinks with Semantic Web Dog Food, DBLP and DBpedia. The number of interlinks will be improved furthermore.

Sounds great!

You can download the RDF and NT dumps here dataset here . If you want the data in R format, you are best downloading the RDF and converting it yourself, this is because the R format hosted on crunch uses an old LAK dump. It is really easy to convert to R using a script I checked in to the LACE project github. I made a video of the process, this was recorded with the old dataset, but I have tried it with the latest one and it works fine.


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