Recently I’ve been playing around with the Unity Fungus asset. Although it works very well and I have not had many problems with it, the application is just coming out of Beta and there are a few gotchas. On the forums there seems to be one recurring bug people keep getting stuck with, which for some reason doesn’t seem to come up during a quick Google search. The problem is that when users call a new scene from a block using the ‘Load New Scene’ call option, all menu items on the new scene are not clickable. It is a known issue and an easy fix, which was kindly provided by Fungus admin Chris Gregan:

On any scene that has been called by a block you need to add a EventSystem GameObject. Simply load the scene in Unity and then create the GameObject through the Unity menu through this combination: GameObject > UI > EventSystem.

Fungus should create this GameObject itself during play but for some reason is failing to do so on a new scene call. After you have added it manually menu items on the scene will be clickable.

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matt smith · November 24, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I believe Chris has now fixed this bug (Aug 2015)

see Github issues:

so just download the latest version of Fungus


.. matt ..

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