El Presidente Willets established a dictatorship in 2010. It proved very unpopular but an attempt to establish economic stability within the cities of knowledge was declared successful (by El Presidente himself) in 2015. During the period of economic reform the city-states of Oxfordonus, Cambrigion and Ruslustratid Groupus were allowed to stay as city-states. The other 109 tribes were put under the APMG, which stood simply for Administrative Policy Making Group. The APMG Cities  had slow or stagnant technological advance, reduced incentives, and reduced prosperity which, of course was exactly as El President had planned.  He waited for the other civilizations to send their Spy units and click the ‘subvert city’ button. He giggled to himself having his cities so close to his capital bumped the price up for these otherwise worthless cities. 25 turns later France reached Alpha Centauri and won the game. El Presidente wished he picked Chieftain level.


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