I’m constantly amazed by the quality of content being created by teenagers on social sharing services. I’ve been following stories such as Twitch plays Pokemon on Tumblr and have been amazed at the quality of some of images being created and shared around a single concept. Users of Twitch/Tumblr are not alone, teens on Youtube are equally as impressive and I have been enjoying some of their Pet tips, Let’s Play and How To videos. One thing that I noticed is that the production on many of these videos are very good; the video often have cool introductions and the channels are filled with banner effects and flashy thumbnails. Knowing that products I would use to get started on these things are typically expensive, hard to use, and ‘impossible to update without crashing the god damn update tool’ Adobe crap I wondered just how they were making their content so flashy. It turns out there are a bunch of technical minded people making tools to support making these social creations.

The latest tool I’ve come across is called Panzoid, it’s a swiss army knife for Youtube users. The tool has some simple options and auto generates introduction clips, banners and thumbnails. I was pretty amazed at how good the content it generates is and just how easy it is to use. It is also completely web based. I’m fascinated by these tool, the future content creators are shunning the Adobes of this world for tools created by the community. I recently found out that Imgur was founded by a redditor who was fed up of not having a decent free service to host images for r/funny.

I created a quick how to video on using Panzoid. I used Panzoid to create the effects for the video and recorded it with free software, just to check if it was easy as the kids claim it is. It took me about 15 minutes without using the tool before and was pretty amazed although I don’t have the charisma of a young youtube channel owner. Why do I want an Adobe cloud based $15 a month plan again?


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