Incremental games

Incremental Games are a recently recognised genre of video game that is popular on mobile phones and browser game sites such as Kongregate with the simple goal to earn as much ‘currency as possible. The currency itself can take many forms, but is basically an integer that is increased by Read more…

Unexpected Creativity

In gaming circles a ‘shit crayon’ is a term used when a user creates something amazing despite the barriers that have been put in front of them. The term was coined by popular game developer and writer Ian Bogost and draws from the concept of the magic crayon by Chaim Read more…

Installing Unity Remote

I found setting up the Unity remote is easy to do on Android, I expect that the iOS version is a similar easy process. The Unity Remote is found on the play store, there are a couple on there so make sure you get Unity Remote 4, it should be free and developed by Unity Technologies. The play store doesn’t have an approval process and while this is great for developing and deploying apps fast it does has a problem with fake apps, always be carefully when downloading on the play store!