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Month: August 2017

Analysing results from Storyline using Google Forms

I wanted a simple CSV to analyse the results of students making decisions in the articulate 360 software. Apparently, the storyline 3 software supports xAPI, which I hope to explore, but for now I am happy with a CSV of their answers that could be accessed by anyone with a URL. Storyline lets users insert small snippets of Javascript into their cards, this is the approach I took. Created a Google Form with the answer to questions or decisions being asked Imported Jquery Used Storyline to set variables Use Javascript to get storyline variables and submitted these variables to the Google Form via ajax Used Google Forms responses tab to analyse the responses or download the CSV. Firstly, some ‘here be dragons’; I am new to storyline having only played with it quite briefly. There may be better ways and feedback is really welcome. These are my notes, but if…