Playing with Wikipedia

Sometimes I like to write bits of code that poke Wikipedia, its fun and the data is a great way to start a conversation with people. I recently teamed up with the pro wrestling fans of Reddit to find out information on wrestling stables, we did this using the structured Read more…

Visual breakdown of categories on wordpress blogs using R

This is a very simple recipe, just a few lines to get an indication of tags/categories being used on a WordPress site. The idea is that I use R to read the RSS feed of the blog, pick out the tags and categories and display a pie chart of the tags being used. Since tags and categories in wordpress are set by the user it gives you an indication of what subjects the authors think their posts fit in to. It might be a useful script in keyword planning and seo, but I just use it to see how my interests are changing.


Exploring Wrestling Stables

In pro wrestling a stable is a group of  wrestlers who form an alliance and wrestle together, they help each other out the way typically team mates would, for example by sneaking sledgehammers in to the ring when the referees have their backed turned. When I was younger my favorite Read more…