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Age of Strategy Android

On booting up Age of Strategy the first thing that you will notice is the sheer amount of content. From the menu you have access to lots of content, the core of which is a series of campaigns, these are a collections of maps that are linked together with a short text story. There are loads of campaigns to play through, most are fictional battles but some are based on historical events. It seems that some of the campaigns are fan built and that this content is added to the game regularly; I was intrigued by the ‘History of Hungary’ section that seems to be filling up with battles based around the Hungarian empire. Perhaps the developer is Hungarian or there is an Hungarian fan of the game submitting content, whatever the case it is interesting that this level of detail is what the developer is aiming for. Aside from…

Notes on publishing PhoneGap / Cordova app to Google Play store

I’ve started making apps with Cordova / PhoneGap. My set up is somewhat unconventional as I am just creating the projects at the command line, writing the applications using web technologies and signing them myself. I am not using the PhoneGap build service or any emulators on my machine. I am however using Eclipse because I am just used to it as an IDE, I have also been debugging the apps on a physical Nexus 4 . Since my setup is somewhat different and confusing I ended up getting information from many different places and thought I better write down some of the steps that I kept tripping up on. I installed Cordova using terminal: npm install -g cordova Creating a project cordova create <projectname> com.paddytherabbit.projectname I’m only developing for android but I need to add this as a platform to the project. Cd <projectname> cordova platform add android I…