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Tag: minecraft

Being in the same world and playing the same game

I’m really interest in the amount of time younger members of the family put in to watching videos of other people play Minecraft. Minecraft is a game, a pretty good one too; wouldn’t they be more interested in actually playing it instead? I’m not the only person wondering what it is about Minecraft that attracted the billion video views on the subject. I’m not the only one wondering how it affects us as people, there are many papers, posts and experiments on the subject. Reading some of these articles and their take on the situation I realise that I am not interested in Minecraft itself at all, but I am interested in the people involved and how they feel about their relationship both within the Minecraft community and to its leaders. A common theme for people working in educational technology, particularly for developers like myself, seems to be to have…

Murder Miner

At first glance it would be easy to dismiss Murder Miners as simply a minecraft rip off. While there is clearly lots of inspiration gained from Minecraft, Murder Miners is geared towards pvp deathmatch instead of Mining and building. My favourite mode is called Zombie and starts of with simple NPC zombies charging at a human team. As humans die they join the zombie team until everybody is dead. Lots of fun.