Mobile Development

I’ve started experimenting with ways of getting applications on to mobile phones. I’m interested in web based phone apps, cordova phone style apps and native apps. These apps are all all tests and always in beta.


Cordova is a framework that lets you create apps in xhtml, css, javascript. The difference between Cordova and simply hosting something made with jquery mobile on the web is that it compiles as a native app, gives you access to the phone API and lets you submit to the store. The great thing about Cordova is that I can host the application on the web too although the functionality has to be changed depending on what parts of the phone I was using. At present I am just trying out different ways to organize my code and practicing using the different elements of Cordova.


just cat gifs: Android Version Web Version

Loom Band Tutorial Videos: Android Version Web Version

Unity 3D

Unity3D is a game engine that lets you publish content for Android and iOS with it’s free offering. I’ve not got as far as publishing much yet.

Android SDK

I’ve started using the Android SDK to compare it to Cordova/Phone Gap.  I haven’t got around to published anything yet and the shift from web development to native is a challenge to the way you think.


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