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FSD Village Pump

The Village Pump is an information hub for activities relating to the Flexible Service Design programme. The hub is a go to place for FSD related articles, events and contact information. Articles in the hub are aggregated from sources using their RSS feed and currently we gather information sources such as blogs, JISCMAIL lists and forums. We would like to populate the hub with as much useful information as possible so if you have any suggestions on sources you would like to see aggregated in to the village pump or if you are running a project blog and would like its posts to be aggregated then please comment on this entry with information and RSS feed.

Getting started with the Cloudworks API

The Cloudworks team have been developing an API for Cloudworks to allow developers to create their own visualizations, programs and mash ups. The API currently supports calls to get data and I found this is a great opportunity to test different ways of visualizing and organising the resources within cloudworks for the Design Bash 2010. Sheila MacNeill has created a cloud to store and discuss Cloudworks API tests, my test demos can be found there and the cloud works team are encouraging developers to get stuck in and have a go. If you would like to play with the API yourself and add your own demos you will need to get an API by signing up to Cloudworks and contacting Nick Freear. There is some excellent documentation on using the API already made available by the Cloudworks team and Nick was happy to provide example code, his PHP example can…

The Evolution of Digital Distribution Systems in Gaming

Digital distribution is everywhere; applications such as iTunes provide the ability for digital products such as MP3s, movies and computer software to be delivered to audiences over the Internet instead of using physical media such as CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray. They provides easy and direct sales to a global market. With iTunes and the App Store ‘Apple’ may be the company that comes to mind when digital distribution is discussed but it shouldn’t be forgotten that plenty of video game consumers have been using these systems for years and recent announcement at this years Game Developer Conference 2009 have really shown that there are plenty more exciting developments to come. Over the past 5 years gaming has seen a massive rise in digital distribution systems; many customers have been more then willing to make the switch from obtaining a physical copy of computer game software from a ‘bricks and…