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Month: August 2020

Exam Results

I am struggling to write my thesis conclusions, so I wrote something semi-related to help: I’m confused about the exam results and all this talk of magic algorithms. There are a lot of experts saying it is ‘bad’. What exactly is the thing that we are talking about that is ‘bad’? What are we actually talking about. I’m not saying something isn’t ‘bad’; something is very bad. But what is it? Data Genesis 1 In the beginning, we created the statistical model and human interactions. And both of these things were without digital form. So, we said ‘let there be programming languages’, and we encoded the statistical methods in them and saw they were good. We said ‘let there be data’, and we encoded the human interactions in that, and we said it was good. We said “let the statistical models be applied to the data”, and we could use…