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Month: August 2016

Data sets for grouping universities

As part of the Jisc business intelligence project lots of clever folk from different HE Institutions¬† are getting together, looking at data they know about and working with HESA to augment it with data HESA collects. The result is the creation of all kinds of interesting businesses intelligence dashboards and reports; many of which will be available through the replacement to the Heidi system- Heidi Plus.¬† For the project Cetis is offering ‘data wrangling’ support, which involves giving a hand getting data in a format they the analysts can use. One the things we’ve found that we get asked for a lot is simply CSV’s of universities that puts them in groups or ranking for easy comparison. Well known groups such such as mission groups, Jisc bands, Regional memberships, REF/RAE/REF Power scores etc etc. This data isn’t hard to get hold of, but requires the analysts to spend some time…