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ggplot notes: Line Graph

Quite often I have a dataframe in R with lots of columns with one of the columns being the year. I then want to pick another column and make averages for each year and plot it to show how things have changed over time. I know this is really easy to do, but I end… Read More »

Topic Models to explore and compare communities

Recently I’ve been playing with an R wrapper for a machine language library called Mallet  to generate lists of topics from a series of text documents. The technique is called Topic Modelling and I have gotten to grips with it from Ben Marwick‘s readings of archaeology papers which has some excellent reusable code.  A topic… Read More »

Data Hacking Fantasy Team

Around this time every year all my feeds are full of fantasy football teams. I wanted to join in; but I can’t be bothered with football. Instead I’ve created a fantasy team of data exploration tools. Looking back at my team these probably aren’t the best tools, they are just the tools that I really… Read More »

Scrapping Reddit comments

Something I had been meaning to do for a long time was write a quick script to scrape Reddit comments. A chap has beaten me to it and you can find the code here: https://github.com/ctaggart878/redditscraper. During lunch today I had a little play with it the script (and I mean quick!). A two line script imported… Read More »

Exploring Telenovela with DBpedia, R and Gephi

Today I discovered Telenovelas. Telenovelas are short limited run programs similar to soap opera, they are popular in Spanish language counties and they are serious business. I stumbled across a clip on youtube and was instantly hooked. Check this out: I headed to Wikipedia to find out more only to find that Telenovelas is a… Read More »