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Getting started with Archi (again)

I’ve been trying to get my head around different ways that enterprise architects explore existing and potential business models. Being a complete novice I’ve found two major blocks to my progress. The first problem I have is not really understanding the different different strategic management and entrepreneurial tools or the frameworks available for enterprise architecture.… Read More »

Notes: Business Process Modeling in Netlogo

One of the things I will have to get to grips with again for the a work project is agent based modelling, in particular agent based modelling business processes. While I haven’t played with Netlogo for a long time I remember that it was a nice easy place to start and I am not worried… Read More »

What are applied games?

Our department have started work on a new exciting new project called RAGE, which stands for Realising an Applied Gaming Ecosystem. When I tell anybody I’m working on this they kind of get this idea that it is a project about gaming, but they are not really sure what ‘applied gaming’ is, to be honest,… Read More »