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New LAK dataset

I’ve been informed by Davide Taibi that the LAK dataset has been updated, this update includes some paper text that I reported on, but also has lots more data. As described by Davide: This version includes papers from: – EDM conferences (2008-2014) – LAK conferences (2011-2014, 2014 only abstract since we are waiting for ACM… Read More »

ggplot notes: Line Graph

Quite often I have a dataframe in R with lots of columns with one of the columns being the year. I then want to pick another column and make averages for each year and plot it to show how things have changed over time. I know this is really easy to do, but I end… Read More »

Topic Models to explore and compare communities

Recently I’ve been playing with an R wrapper for a machine language library called Mallet  to generate lists of topics from a series of text documents. The technique is called Topic Modelling and I have gotten to grips with it from Ben Marwick‘s readings of archaeology papers which has some excellent reusable code.  A topic… Read More »

Scrapping Reddit comments

Something I had been meaning to do for a long time was write a quick script to scrape Reddit comments. A chap has beaten me to it and you can find the code here: https://github.com/ctaggart878/redditscraper. During lunch today I had a little play with it the script (and I mean quick!). A two line script imported… Read More »

Analytics in R and the search for laws of complexity behind patterns we see in education

Bah Humbug. I feel very annoyed at everything. Firstly I’m finding R a difficult language to penetrate. I’m getting there, its just hard. There are lots of resources and people willing to help you get to grips with the tool, but getting to grips with the tool isn’t the problem., the problem is knowing what… Read More »